I am writing this letter to let other parents know about John Bartell and the Science Quest program he teaches to the students and children and parents. John taught my children in the Science Quest program 5 years ago and they had so much fun with hi...More
"This is a real Scientist with a gift for getting kids (and grown ups) excited about science and learning. There is no crazy wig or lab coat. There are a dozen or so animals that the kids LOVE, there are interactive experiments, crazy fun toilet pape...More


Make your school stand out from the rest this year with a proven program that educates as well as entertains your students. Science Quest is perfect for assemblies, science clubs and PTO events.

Each class lasts approximately 45 minutes and can include songs provided by Mr. Jon and his guitar. Several animals (Rabbits, Ferrets, Birds, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Chinchillas, Frogs, Hedgehog and many more. ) Experiments, Activities and more. The classes are designed to get your students excited about science and the wonders of the world all around them.

School Field Trips

Science Quest is the field trip that comes to you. Many schools have discovered the value of In School Filed Trips. Science Quest can provide a wide range of activites from “Can You Save Mr Dumpty”, Making Rockets to “Float Your Boat”. All of these activities are designed to be exciting hands on activites that give the children to design build and test their own creations. Science Quest can also provide projects like Water Rockets and Break my Bridge that are introduced at one session and tested at the next session. In between the students generate working models for the contest using everyday common household items. Either way the kid have a blast and wind up learning much more that they thought. Each class includes handouts with instructions and tips.

Regular Science Classes

Many schools use Science Quest a reular part of their Science cirriculum. In these cases, Science Quest comes tho these schools weekly. Each class has a theme which can be coordinated to match the schools academic progam to further enhace the schools cirriculum.

Science Module Kick-off Assemblies

Sciece Quest is routinly used in Public and Private Schools as a Kick-Off to a science module such as Simple Machines. In these cases, Science Quest provides the demonstrations and activities to excite and reinforce the school cirriculum. These activities and demonstrations are designed to make topics come to life.

After-School Enrichment

Science Quest has worked numerous public and private school and the YMCA to provide after-school enrichment. Students and invited to participate in activities and contests.


  1. $200 One class, for up to 25 children.
  2. $450 Two classes, same day, unlimited number of children. Includes featured animal hand-out.
  3. Mileage, first 20 miles free, after that $1 per mile.

    For half or full day programs please call for price and availability.
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