I am writing this letter to let other parents know about John Bartell and the Science Quest program he teaches to the students and children and parents. John taught my children in the Science Quest program 5 years ago and they had so much fun with hi...More
"This is a real Scientist with a gift for getting kids (and grown ups) excited about science and learning. There is no crazy wig or lab coat. There are a dozen or so animals that the kids LOVE, there are interactive experiments, crazy fun toilet pape...More

Our critters

The animals used in our programs are almost all orphans rescued from a variety of unfortunate situations. Some are unwanted or abused pets, others were confiscated by authorities, still others were picked up in neighborhoods, along roads, from abandoned apartments or humane organizations. These animals are important to us and are given appropriate foods, habitat, medical care and a safe, secure home for the rest of their lives.

  Freddie the Ferret
Tommy Tommy the Tortoise
Peabody Mr. Peabody the Parrot
Spike Spike the Bearded Dragon
  Skippy the Squirrel
  Blue the Skink
Ziggy Ziggy the Ball Python
  Sasha the Hedgehog
  Sammy the Corn Snake
  Ms. Bunny the Rabbit
  Yoda the Chinchilla
  Emperor Ming the Water Dragon

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