I am writing this letter to let other parents know about John Bartell and the Science Quest program he teaches to the students and children and parents. John taught my children in the Science Quest program 5 years ago and they had so much fun with hi...More
"This is a real Scientist with a gift for getting kids (and grown ups) excited about science and learning. There is no crazy wig or lab coat. There are a dozen or so animals that the kids LOVE, there are interactive experiments, crazy fun toilet pape...More

About Science Quest

Science Quest was developed by Jon Bartell as a way to get kids excited about the Science. Since it's creation I 2000, Science Quest has provided over 6,000 classes and has been seen by over 80,000 children.

With over 25 years of real world science experience, Mr Jon brings a wealth facts and fun to excite, amaze and educate children.

About Mr. Jon- Mr Jon is Jon Bartell a retired Vice President for a large environmental company. Mr Jon has worked as a Biologist, Research Chemist, Laboratory Director and Vice President throughout the United States and the World. With his wide range experience Mr Jon brings this unique experience to your children in a way that will enthral them while expanding their view of the wonders of the world around them. Mr Jon's goal with Science Quest is to inspire students to explore science and the wonders of the world around.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Jon should you have any questions.

Mr Jon is married to Denise, his wife of 17 years and has three children ages 23, 22 and 12 years of age.

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